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Panchayat Season 3 Release Date
Panchayat Season 3 Release Date, cast, trailer,

panchayat season 3 is an amazon original series based on panchayat season 1. Panchayat Season one is based on the life of Abhishek sir AKA Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar), a computer engineer who works as a “Sachiv ji”(secretary) of a Phulera village’s panchayat. Due to a lack of better work opportunities, Abhishek accepts the position of Panchayat Secretary. Fans and critics praised the filmmakers of ‘Panchayat 2’. Fans have been anticipating the debut of the third season of ‘Panchayat’ since the show’s creators confirmed it. Panchayat’s fans are eager to learn more about the plot and release date. Let us know more about the third season of the series in this article.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date And Time

Ever since the release of season 2 on May 18, 2022, the viewers are expecting a new season, Panchayat Season 3. Season 2 came back after two years (that is after 2020) which created curiosity among the viewers about the new episodes. But as usual, the second part is also liked by the viewers. Some say that the Panchayat series is the best in entertainment and also has a message for the people. The producers of Panchayat have beautifully visualized the experiences of a newly graduated engineer who is appointed in one of the villages of Uttar Pradesh. The way he handles his life and the other situations he comes across without knocking on his life’s door creates curiosity and a sense of comedy for the watchers.

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Panchayat Season 3 Release Date
Release Date                                                                Mid-April 2023
Release Time 12 AM
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Panchayat Season 3 Release Date And Time

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date And Time: In an interview with ‘Free Press Journal India,’ Jitendra Kumar stated frankly that ‘there is no pressure, although many things have obviously improved compared to the previous season, there is still a lot of work to be done.’ There are parallels. I believe the audience will enjoy Panchayat Season 2 due to the intriguing tale

The viewers are predicting that Panchayat Season 3 will be going to be entertaining as the other two seasons. The web series was produced by The Viral Fever, TVF Play by undertaking the concept of Chandan Kumar. The viewers will again watch the fantastic acting of Jitendra Kumar who was in the previous parts and have played the role of “Jitu Bhaiya” in the web series “Kota Factory”.

The audience is quite impressed with the intensity he shows in a particular role in a web series. We would like to notify the viewers that the release date of Panchayat season 3 is expected to be April 2023. Continue reading to know the star cast and OTT platform!

Highlights of Panchayat Season 3

  • Type of Web Series: Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama
  • Script By: Chandan Kumar
  • Directed By:  Deepak Kumar Mishra
  • Production Company: TVFPlay
  • Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Chandan Roy, Raghubir Yadav, Faisal Malik, Neena Gupta
  • Release Date: April 2023 – Early 2024
  • OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Panchayat Season 3 Storyline

TVFPlay is one of the leading production companies which releases several entertaining, real-life-based web series on their platform. Comedy, inspiration, romance, and drama; you can watch anything you like on this platform. Currently, it is in the news that Panchayat’s third part will be coming soon, created by TVFPlay.

Panchayat Season 3 Full Cast 

Jitendra Kumar / JituAbhishek Tripathi
Raghubir YadavBrij Bhushan Dubey
Neena GuptaManju Devi
Chandan RoyOffice Assistant Vikas
Faisal MalikPrahlad Pandey
Durgesh KumarBhushan
Sunita RajwarKranti Devi
Govind LobhaniWard Member
Satish RaySiddharth
Panchayat Season 3 Full Cast 

Panchayat Season 3 Cast: ‘Panchayat’ has established itself as one of the top Hindi comedy-drama web series. Panchayat Season 3 stars Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, and Faisal Malik. This series was created for Amazon Prime Video by the production company ‘The Viral Fever’ (TVF). The ‘Second Season of ‘Panchayat’ was just launched and was highly accepted by the audience. Viewers are now anxiously anticipating the third season.

Panchayat Season 3 Full Story 

From then, the story begins at the end of the first season. The panchayat secretary of Phulera village, Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar), is shown coming out of a water tank. Here, Vikas (Chandan Roy) and Deputy Pradhan Prahlad (Faisal Malik) are concerned that the Pradhanji will learn about Secretary ji and Rinki’s affair (Saanvika). The good news is that Abhishek Tripathi has become fond of the village’s land.

The secretary’s face is no longer as irritated as it once was. He now responds to everything with a smile. But that doesn’t mean they don’t wish to leave the village. His plan remains firm, and he has decided to leave the village as soon as the MBA exam is completed. The second season of Panchayat has seen two new entries. Rinki (Saanvika), Pradhan ji’s daughter, is the first, and Sunita Rajwar is the second.

Panchayat Season 3 News Update With Full Details


DIRECTOR: Deepak Kumar Mishra

OTT PLATFORM: Amazon Prime Video

Deepak Kumar Mishra, the director of ‘Panchayat,’ has not stated when the third season will premiere. He stated in an interview that he intends to make a third season, but he is not in a rush. Mishra stated that ‘Season 3’ will undoubtedly be released, but it will take time. We currently have two seasons of responsibility, and we will need to focus more on performance and script. It will take its time this way.

Director Deepak Kumar Mishra shares light on the lead characters Abhishek and Rinki (Jitendra Kumar and Saanvika) of ‘Panchayat’ in the third season of ‘Panchayat.’ They (Panchayat secretary Abhishek and Rinke) did not marry in the second season. He went on to say that this will progressively be observed happening in season three of the panchayat. He continued, “Everything, as I have stated, takes its time. Everything will move at a sluggish pace, just like in the village’s natural setting. Everything will come in stages.”

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Regarding the success of ‘Panchayat,’ he stated that it was due to the show’s simplicity. Because of its simplicity, the show has also been dubbed Panchayat. He stated that there are a lot of web shows featuring horrific violence on OTT these days. In this case, the simplicity of ‘Panchayat’ distinguishes it. People may identify with every character in ‘Panchayat.’ I can identify with these events.

On the topic of making the climax of Panchayat’s second season dramatic, he stated that the producers needed something at the end of the series that would keep people captivated. Several options were investigated for this. In the story, the MLA’s pride had arrived, Durgesh had harassed, and there was a schism between the secretary and the head, so something that would unite this group was required. ‘Panchayat’ premiered its first season in April 2020. The second season will be released on May 18, 2022. Both seasons include an average of eight 30-35-minute episodes.

Statements of Panchayat Season 3 Team Members

Jitendra Kumar 

Jitendra Kumar stated in an interview with “Free Press Journal India” that “there is no pressure, although many things have obviously improved compared to the last season, still a lot of work needs to be done.” There are parallels. Season 2’s intriguing story will likely appeal to the viewers as well, in my opinion.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date

Jitendra Kumar continued, “During the first season, everybody was free, and everyone had free time to watch the series at home. We had a lot of support from the public, so perhaps this time we will do the same. The third season of Panchayat is something we are also anticipating.

Panchayat Season 3 Amazon Prime

The OTT Platforms have made it easier for viewers to watch their favorite web series or movies at anytime they want. It is almost impossible for everyone to go out to a cinema and watch a film. As far as Panchayat seasons are concerned, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best OTT Platforms on which viewers can watch the web series. From Panchayat season 1 to Panchayat season 3 releasing on amazon prime, and upcoming seasons, all will be shown here. The viewers can select the language they want and the type of websites from this OTT platform apart from Panchayat as per their liking.

You will be watching some new faces in the upcoming season. Rinki, Pradhan Jim’s daughter, and Sunita Rajwar; these actors will be playing a different but interesting role in the web series. The director himself said that the production team is in no hurry to release the third part. They will be working on the feedback received from the first two parts of Panchayat and will soon announce the confirmed release dates.

Panchayat Season 3 Download in Hindi

Guys, you can download the panchayat season 3 on the internet when it will release but we strongly recommend you to watch it on amazon prime video because piracy is illegal and a criminal offense. But you can also download amazon prime online and watch whenever you want to watch your favorite panchayat season 3 while the internet is not working too.

Building Panchayat | Behind The Scenes | Amazon Prime Video

In this article, we have discussed the cast, storyline, release date, and more details of Panchayat Season 3 See you soon.


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